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The GGF was wide ranging instruments including medium to long-term senior loans, subordinated loans, and equity. Please reach out to the GGF team for more information.

• Local commercial banks

• Non-bank financial institutions, such as microfinance institutions and leasing companies

• Other selected financial institutions

Projects financed must meet the follow criteria:

• Minimum 20% reduction in primary energy consumption

• Minimum 20% reduction in CO2 emissions

• Promotion of renewable energy

• Flexible criteria for resource saving projects that also have an energy/CO2 savings component

One major criteria for the eligibility of projects is their adherence to GGF's environmental and social impact requirements.

Small, medium, or large-sized enterprises or municipalities investing in the following measures are eligible for direct financing:

• Energy Efficiency projects resulting in at least 20% energy and/or CO2 savings

• Renewable Energy Technologies listed in the Project Finance section

• Resource Efficiency projects resulting in at least 20% resource savings (water, waste or material) plus 5% energy or CO2 savings

• Support the GGF’s mission and strategic direction

• Create synergy effects with investments

• Ensure independence and sound governance

• Adhere to principles of transparency

Read more on the website here: GGF Technical Assistance

The GGF Technical Assistance Facility supports a wide array of capacity building and training initiatives with its partners and key stakeholders. This includes assisting:

• Financial institutions in developing their green lending operations on a sustainable basis by creating suitable lending products and procedures with corresponding marketing strategies

• Renewable energy project developers in filling capacity gaps, including establishing environmental and social (E&S) action and monitoring plans, E&S studies, or impact assessments

• Other types of investees in finalizing project documentation, improving their internal E&S processes, and greening their business practices

• Partners in engaging with relevant training programs – including those offered by the GGF Green Academy – sector events, workshops, and exchanges

• Capacity Building and Training

• Validating and Monitoring Energy Savings and Co₂ Emission Reductions

• Increasing Awareness and Acceptance of Green Investments

Read more on the website here: GGF Technical Assistance

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