An “Energy Doctor” For Buildings?


Energy Efficiency

Ever thought of an Energy Doctor to diagnose deficiencies in energy efficiency of buildings? This is exactly what the GGF technical assistance facility made possible in Montenegro with the GGF’s local partner alter modus

An “Energy Doctor” For Buildings?

Building on the idea of a doctor who makes house calls to patients, an Energy Doctor visited businesses and households across Montenegro and performed “check-ups” on buildings to measure the performance of their insulation systems. A thermal camera measured energy loss, and the data was used to diagnose problems and served as the basis of a prescription in the form of possible measures to improve energy efficiency of the building. During the campaign recommended solutions such as insulation and window replacement led numerous homeowners to request Alter Modus financing for such measures.

The Energy Doctor was part of a broader awareness campaign which ran in nine towns in Montenegro with Alter Modus branches, via multiple marketing and advertising activities and platforms, including radio, TV, billboards, and the web. Throughout the campaign, residents could receive information about energy efficiency measures at campaign stands where specially designed educational leaflets were distributed.

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