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Building Green with Energy Efficiency Auditing


Energy Efficiency

“We were busy constructing a multi-story residential building just off the east bank of the Kura River, north of downtown Tbilisi, when our financial partner Basis Bank told us about the GGF Green Advisory program,” remembers Levan Tsaava , Director of Geo Builders, a real estate development and construction company interested in integrating energy efficiency measures in its construction activities. “We had no idea it would have such a positive impact on our business.”

Building Green with Energy Efficiency Auditing

Geo Builders started out in green construction in 2016 and by 2018 they were already making a name for themselves in what was still a niche market. Although they already had a clear strategy and processes in place for delivering real value based on energy-efficient design and building materials, they were intrigued by the GGF Green Advisory program, which seeks to assist clients implement green measures but also to support them through dedicated grants. As part of this program Geo Builders received hard data from experts on the actual energy consumption of the new construction, which documented the significant savings achieved through their buildings’ design. But the experts also pointed them to additional potential efficiency gains. “They also compared our project’s energy profile to that of other new construction projects throughout Tbilisi, enabling us to even better position ourselves in the market.”

“Truth be told, it would have taken years before we could have afforded such a thorough analysis, especially with the sophisticated equipment the auditors deployed,” says Tsaava. “Not only were we able to validate our own green construction approach and identify further savings opportunities with a fresh project, but we also worked with the experts to conduct energy audits on a newly completed residential high-rise just three blocks away to the north.” By conducting a comprehensive audit of the just-completed apartment building, the energy efficiency measures that Geo Builders had implemented were externally validated. “We used the grant, which we received as part of the GGF Green Advisory program, also to cover training in energy-efficient design and building materials for our project leaders. Besides taking our expertise to the next level, the knowledge transfer provided by the expert was an enormous confidence booster for the whole team. We knew we were on the right track, but the audit proved it and provided hard facts we can now share with our clients and prospects,” beams Tsaava.

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