Small-Scale Deep Greening Initiative 2

Small-Scale Deep Greening Initiative


Renewable Energy

There exists tremendous untapped potential for the renewable energy market in Georgia, particularly around solar power, but to date, this promise is yet to be fully realized. Delivering this technology to customers at scale requires commercial products, such as dedicated PV loans or leasing products, that are currently scarce in the Georgian market.

Small-Scale Deep Greening Initiative

To address this gap, the GGF Technical Assistance Facility established the “Small-Scale Deep Greening Initiative” which supports GGF partner institutions in identifying economically feasible small-scale green technologies that require a push to take off in the market – such as PV systems for households and small businesses. The initiative includes activities such as developing dedicated loan products, establishing partnerships with technology suppliers, or raising awareness of end-borrowers on the benefits of these green technologies.

TBC Leasing, one of the GGF’s longstanding partners in Georgia, was an early believer in the technology and a participant in the initiative, and is committed to expanding their PV business. Support through the “Small-Scale Deep Greening Initiative” will enable TBC Leasing to begin building a dedicated leasing product for PV systems, building on its strong partnerships with suppliers of such systems, and as such help developing the PV market in Georgia.

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